Brownian Motion

and related projects

My name is Walter Lapchynski and I make experimental music, mostly under the name of Brownian Motion. My other projects include:
  1. The ERNIE 4 (Jon Seven + me + x where x ≥ 0)
  2. dj x∃n (I need to update that website)
  3. Xenound (with I.v. MARTINEZ)
  4. unicodec (with Jukka-Pekka Kervinen)
  5. thee unicode fore (Jon Seven + Jukka-Pekka Kervinen + me)
  6. geeimatree (with J.J. Suffron)
  7. necker blivet
  8. shades of grey on a pink field (early work)
  9. …and one other thing I can't tell you about.

Most of my work can be found on my netlabel, Brownian e/Motion(s). That page also includes links to other releases I've done outside the netlabel. It's kind of a mess. Eventually I'm going to transition to having a separate page.

My latest release is a comp of miscellaneous tracks. Click the album art to play.

Upcoming pieces include (again, no particular order):

  1. a remix of The Garden by The Chestnut Tree for Active Measures "Demolition 411" remix comp
  2. a dj x∃n megamix of Flat Affect's "Mute Verses" on SP Recordings

Future plans include (no particular order):

  1. a remix of c-c for .x. (due 30 May)
  2. collab/split with loopool (we've been talking about this for too long)
  3. some sort of collab with John Dunlap (again, been talking about this too long)
  4. a full album by Xenound
  5. make a collab with my daughter (as ȡ﹠Ɗ) tentatively called "Making doo" for the next Poverty Electronics compilation
  6. make a track for my own "Music to Hack To" compilation with Xenound, most likely a Travis Johnson remix
  7. a remix of mhzesent by Xenound
  8. contributing to the second installment of Zero Gravity Ballet on Ecco Hollow Art & Sound

Potential ideas:

  1. some sort of sampler project sort of thing with mhzesent, probably using an Arduino Uno SMB Rev3 maybe with digital locked grooves
  2. remix of Toxic Chicken's Improvisations In A Heatwave

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