A Creative Commons netlabel of challenging and independent musicks revolving around principles of creativity, craftsmanship, collaboration, open source, and, of course, Discordianism.

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Currently taking submissions for a compilation called "mu51k 70 h4ck 70."

It seems society come to believe that we are at war with massive factions of cyber-terrorists and criminals and these folks are called "hackers," as if this is a bad word.

We should call them what they are and save the "hack" word for things that we value. When we try to do things ourselves, we are essentially hacking. Scientists are constantly hacking. Experimental music is totally hacking. Even in the world of computers, hacking plays a legimate role as it allows for new approaches and greater security, among many other wonderful things.

With this comp, it's hoped that we breathe new life into the word HACK. We're going to take an approach that focuses on fostering that state of mind necessary for hacking, programming, reverse engineering, and experimenting. It's a state of mental hyperactivity, where data is collected and organized, brainstorming happens, and testing occurs.

If you can't for some reason relate to this, think cyberpunk. Neuromancer, Snowcrash, if these things mean anything to you. Or think about music you might want to play video games to. As a guideline: some amount of beats are a good start. Acid, electro, glitch, and livecoding are great points to start. Feel free to contact me if you have further questions about this theme.

The final product will be released as a Name Your Price album on Brownian e/Motion(s) under a by-sa license. There are no limitations except those imposed by Bandcamp: wav, flac, aiff; ≥ 16 bit depth; ≥ 44.1kHz sample rate; ≤ 600 mb. Use Drobox, Sendspace, Google Drive, whatever you like, and send to brownian.motion.is.noise@gmail.com. There is currently no deadline, but the sooner the better is good.

*** NEW! *** deadline: 11 July 2014

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